How Robots Are Threats to Our Nature or Humans?

aRobots and humans relationship is increasingly important. We are controlling the technology from self-driving cars to sex robots. We may develop an emotional affinity toward the machine. Robots can help to promote trust with users. Robots can be trained to do things much more efficient than human do. This training can be supervised or unsupervised, but traditionally, it is an issue of “pattern recognition”. According to a dissertation writing service UK, it is the pattern that makes up a human face and distinguishes a cat from a dog. It also determines the correct path over the wrong. 

Beat humans A robot has been able to beat humans. It can play millions of times. It has been able to beat panel of 4 radiology experts. It also won the Jeopardy and can win the champions. Yet, the robots had no idea of what it was doing. A robot does not understand the system but also works. A robot does not appreciate the “why”, merely “what”. This is also most important for all the persons. 

Robots can target humans The drone swarm is able to penetrate buildings and locate exact targets and kill them with utmost precision. Yet, what if the targets wore helmets? A robot has no purpose. It is just a machine that does not task really well. The malicious intentions lie in those who assign the task. The task that Robots solves in the life of humans is virtually impossible. It also takes several millions of codes and accomplishes the tasks. Robots offer a quick route and inspire the brain of humans. Robots can respond to the natural choirs, but it does not understand the things in actual. It can do response examination, but it does not appreciate emotions. Robots are real threats to all humans. It is affecting the brains of humans. It does not really work for all the students. The “Intelligence explosion” theory claims that if we are creating a machine that is helping all the students. 

According to the François Cholletois, “Most of our aptitude is not in our intellect, it is externalized as our society in the form of books, computers, mathematics, science and the internet.” He continues, “No human, nor any clever entity that we exist on familiar terms with of, has ever designed anything smarter than itself. What we do is, gradually, collectively; build external problem-solving systems that are greater than us.” 

In conclusion, it is the humans that are tearing each other separately. A robot makes that more efficient. If there is anything we need to solve, that is we; the humans can actually think. It can understand what is right and what is wrong. 

Lost the battle It is wrong to consider that all Robots are threading to humans. AI weapons, that we can predict in the future. If there is one system we need to correct, this will be helpful for all humans in the future. Many movies depict a future where Robots are fighting against humans. We cannot prevent robots in the future.

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