Common Problems That Students Face in MOOCs Educational System

MOOC stands for a massive open online course. The main aim of MOOC is to provide an open access to the students to a large number of educational courses via web. In spite of the educational programs, the MOOCs also provide a lot of filmed lectures and problem sets to their customers. They have also devised some interactive courses in order to engage the students and the teaching assistants. These MOOCs are considered an essential step in the development of distance education. If you don’t have enough idea about the MOOCs, then you can get help from experts in dissertation writing services. The common problems that the students face in MOOCs educational system are given below; 

Low completion rates If we take an overview of the enrollment of the students in the MOOC courses, then we come to know that the average enrollment of the students in the best MOOC courses is about 50k. Now, the problem with these MOOC courses is that they have low completion rates. After enrolling, only 10% of students try to complete these MOOC courses and get the certificates. Its main reason is that they are not able to engage the students towards these MOOC courses. Moreover, their certificate has not proven a strong incentive for the professional career of a student. The 10% of students who complete these MOOC courses are those students who have the determination to learn something new. 

Lack of one-on-one teaching and interaction As we have discussed earlier that the average enrollment in the best MOOC courses is about 50k. Now, it is hard for a professor to keep a face-to-face interaction with all the students of the class. Due to the lack of one-on-one teaching and interaction, the students face a lot of problems with minimal guidance. Moreover, when they are stuck, then they are also not able to find possible solutions to their problems. As a result, most of the students left their devices. 

Integrity (AKA cheating) Due to the lack of personal interaction with the students, there are a lot of chances of cheating in these MOOC courses. Almost all the students try to submit plagiarism content to their professors and it is also a hard thing for the teachers to prepare plagiarism reports of such a huge quantity of content. Moreover, the students also face a lot of disciplinary problems in these courses. As a result, these types of courses are not taken seriously by the students as well as by the higher education authority. 

No accreditation Another problem that the students face in these courses is that they don’t have a proper way to offer credits to the students. Moreover, they also fail to create a deterrent system that supports the students seriously who has completed the MOOC courses. This thing can create a lot of problems with the accreditation of these courses. The accreditation means that the courses which are studied in a particular school or any other institute are effective. The intellectual property is also a common issue that is faced by the students while studying MOOC courses.

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