How to disable Windows Updates in middle of the night

Lastly I was worried about an unprecedent activities on my home PC. In the middle of the night my PC will power on by itself without any schedule from my side.

I really was worried what is happening an started browsing and reading if others have same problem to.

After reading some articles about Microsoft Windows policies, I found out that the Microsoft has changed the policy of updating Windows in any PC. New strange group of policy have ben added including the possibility to start by itself any PC with Windows Operating System, and making system updates that were scheduled by Windows itself.

For anyone who is bothered by this disgusting feature of Microsoft Windows, here is how to turn of this feature.

  1. Go to Start and start typing group policy.
Start – search – group policy

2. Click Enter and open Edit group policy

3. Go to Computer Configuration

Widnows Group Policy Editor – Computer Configuration

4. Go to Administrative Template

5. Go to Windows Components

6. Go to Windows Update

7. Search for: “Enabling Windows Update Power Management to automatically wake up the system to install scheduled updates” and open this template.

8. Select Disabled and click Apply.

If you want the changes to take effect immediately, restart your PC or the changes will take effect within 15-20 minutes according to this article from Microsoft: